Take me back to when I danced around the May Pole! It is May 1, 2016.

60 years ago, @ age 12, I migrated from Gouda, The Netherlands, to Sydney, Australia, at about THIS time of year.
A year earlier, May 1955, I’d had half a day off school.
To dance around the Maypole, along with the other young ‘swallows’.
Like my parents, before me, I was a member of the ‘Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale’ (Labor Youth Centre) ‘The socialist version of the ‘Scouts and Guides’, (who met up in the same building, as we did (The former orphanage.), in Gouda.
So, I was pleased and proud to be ‘socialist’, which in the Netherlands of those years, was no secret. (I have copied the explanation of the very ‘visible’ political leanings of we Dutch people, in those years, known as ‘stratification’.
I DO have quite a few photos of my formative, 12 years, in Gouda, and SOMEWHERE I have a photo of our ‘leader’ resting against the dyke, between dancing, with his arms around two of my fellow ‘swallows’. He was of course, a Falcon!!.

Please check out:
where I posted the pictures of myself, my parents and publications by the AJC (Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale)

Remembering a great birthday and exhibition, combined.

Taking the paintings to the Tap Gallery

Taking the paintings to the Tap Gallery

The week of the 6th to the 12th of October was a most interesting one for me. My 65th birthday, celebrated by opening my exhibition, at the Tap Gallery, in Darlinghurst.

Joined by son, daughter, their mother, old school friends, fellow Dutch Australian Cultural Centre Board Members, and a good number of great people, it was a memorable evening and an interesting week.

Fine music

Fine music

Fine music………

Fine speech

Fine speech

Fine speech.

Fine (Dutch) snacks and drinks to sip.

Things to eat and drink. (These are Dutch biscuits, called speculaas.)



Old friends (from high school in the late fifties).

A toast!Too much to tell.

With daughter and son, who organised it all!

Picture THIS!!!!!!!!!

‘tIs where I live, behind a gate, among some other villa homes. I get looked after by ‘Homecare’ and the very most recent ‘outing’ to Hazelhurst, highlighted for me that…

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Things are looking black!!!

As I type this I am looking at a black screen!

I’m being hindered in every way possible from getting on the www.

A close relative is stopping me from getting my normal connection badk, in every way possible and that ADDS to having been contacted about being ‘seen’ taking photos of the grass area between here and the shops.

It’s so ironic!

During my 37 years of teaching I have taken so many photos, as well as video and even paintings, featuring pupils, on excursions, etc., etc. – for the purposes of reminding them of the experiences, so that they could write about them, etc..

The current problems re connecting, caused by the relative, have, so far produced THIS small ‘break-through’, to allow me to ‘type’ this in orange colour on a totally black screen.

“Life was not meant to be easy!” Remember THAT famous quote, from a former P.M.!??


“Life was not meant to be easy!”

Hello there. This was me/I when I was a “little bit” younger, and dancing the Charleston, in the ‘History of the Dance’, which was part of a concert, put oat the then brand-…

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“Life was not meant to be easy!”


Hello there. This was me/I when I was a “little bit” younger, and dancing the Charleston, in the ‘History of the Dance’, which was part of a concert, put oat the then brand-new Maroubra Bay High School (which became the setting of “Heartbreak High” when the buildings were no longer needed and the ‘feeding area’ changed.

I had been attending Bob Potter’s Ballroom Dance Studio for some time and he and Dot Potter helped us which this performance.

Currently my www-use is being obstructed – but hopefully I’ve found a way to communicate with you, this way and just needed an excuse to have SOMETHING to tell.

BACK on-line but still feeling very sad.

And you obviously have enough troubles of your own.

So I’ll get back to you when, hopefully, I’m having a better time.

Luckily, it is not a health matter!!


And there’s still my feline friend, to keep me company!!


Strange WWW-time I’m having.

Am wondering if there’s ANYBODY out there who has noticed that I’m being stopped from using the www normally. Ozcloggie / Joop Mul / Jo Mulholland / A Sydney Naturist  

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